Why working with wood?

As you might see on my products, I mostly use wood to make all my furniture. You might wonder why? And here is the answer.

Many people think making furniture is just putting two boards together using any fastening method like glue, or screws, but they don’t take into consideration this material is actually alive. I said alive because wood is constantly moving depending on the humidity of the environment. Humidity makes it expand and contract because it absorbs moisture through its fibers. When choosing lumber as your main source of material for making furniture it is crucial to understand its behavior and how to deal with the movement. I have seen beautiful pieces break apart because of a mistake in the design process when putting parts together. Here in South Florida most houses use AC, when the room temperature is controlled then the furniture keeps its moisture content basically at the same level so you might not see this phenomenon, but what happens if that piece is shipped to another state where the seasons play a huge role? BOOM! That piece breaks apart if not built properly.

I fell in love with wood because you must understand it and appreciate it before using it for your projects. Besides, there are so many different species with so many different colors, textures, and grain patterns that make this material such a beauty to work with. Another tricky aspect when working with wood is that every species is different, not all of them react the same way with moisture content and some actually react when exposed to direct sun light. So, why do I choose wood? Because I enjoy learning about it with every project, dealing with complications through the making process, making it look awesome after hours of sanding and then making that grain pop out like flames when applying the finish coat.

J. Oldemburg

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